Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grandma Time

I'm going to be a grandmother in February. I was in a bookstore and came across a book mark that said some of the things I would love to tell my grandchild:

To My Grandchild

Grandma's Pearls of Wisdom

I’ve traveled paths you’ve yet to walk

Learned lessons old and new

And now this wisdom of my life

I’m blessed to share with you

Let kindness spread like sunshine

Embrace those who are sad

Respect their dignity, give them joy

And leave them feeling glad

Forgive those who might hurt you

And though you have your pride

Listen closely to their viewpoint

Try to see the other side

Walk softly when you’re angry

Try not to take offense

Invoke your sense of humor

Laughter’s power is immense!

Express what you are feeling

Your beliefs you should uphold

Don’t shy away from what is right

Be courageous and be bold

Keep hope right in your pocket

It will guide you day by day

Take it out when it is needed

When it’s near, you’ll find a way

Remember friends and family

Of which you are a precious part

Love deeply and love truly

Give freely from your heart

The world is far from perfect

There’s conflict and there’s strife

But you still can make a difference

By how you live your life

And so I’m very blessed to know

The wonders you will do

Because you are my grandchild

And I believe in you



CareyCarey said...

Being a grandparent is a blessing. It gives us a chance to do some things all over again. I think you're going to love it.

It does require a bit of patience. Well, now we have to deal with our child (who is now grown) on a different level. Yep, the children that thought they knew everything, now has a child, that they no little about raising.

Hopefully we've set a good example. And if not, we might have to admit, to them, the errors of our ways and share those mistakes with our children.

All n All, you might be inclined to tell your child (parent) "do it this way". They might in turn say "no way". Well, unlike a parent, a grandparent can say "OKAY" and let them have it their way :-)

But it will be all good.

Solomon said...

Nice message today. Seems you're doing better than yesterday.

It sure is like a fresh start when a grandchild comes into your life. And Carey was so right in his comments about making things right with your grown child now that the grandchild is coming.

I know I was far from perfect while my daughter was growing up. It pains me to think of what I could have done differently. But I realize I can't do anything to change what happened between me and my daughter, all I can do is try and make it right now.

Strongblkwmn said...

Carey - I definitely know i'm going to have to pull back a bit on the advice. I had to make my own way when I raised mine and he'll have to do the same. It won't be easy but i'm going to give it a big try.

I'm excited. It'll be nice to hear the pitter patter of little feet again.........until they start tearing stuff up.

Solomon - I'm definitely doing better than I was yesterday. LOL! I wasn't the perfect parent either. I did my best and hope that I left an example that my son will want to follow, and hopefully improve.

Don said...

i love my grandmothers long after they both passed. i would even go so far to believe grandmothers are able to give love unconditionally. i've always considered mines to be a blessing and, judging from your heart which mirrors the author, i'd say that you are and will continue to be a blessing to your grandchild, as well.


MsKnowitAll said...

congratulations and blessings to you and your family.

James Tubman said...


that was the best poem i have read in YEARS

im amazed at your skills

it was profound, rhythmic, deep and yet light and simple

God has blessed you with the unique abilty to express yourself through poetry

i have no doubt that your baby's baby will be the most spoiled kid in harlem lol


James Tubman said...

oh my bad you didnt write it lol

it was a good find never the less

Strongblkwmn said...

LOL @ James. I didn't write it but I definitely felt it. I'm going to try not to spoil my grandbaby but i'm sure i'll fail.

Don - I'm really looking forward to giving that unconditional love. I'm really excited.

Thank you MsKnowItAll.

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful poem and it is so heartwarming to read of your excitement. I second what everyone else has already said. I was blessed to have 2 distinctly different but loving Grandmothers who both taught me a thing or two, things i will never forget, so you presence is very important in your grandbaby's life, but i know you will be a blessing to your grandchild, without a doubt.

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...