Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Name is Tammy....and i love to shop!

I feel like shopping. I keep telling myself that I don't need to spend anymore money but I don't feel like listening. The stores are calling me. My bills are paid and I have a roof over my head, so who am I hurting?

So I don't have anymore room in my closet......so what! My husband bought me those special contraptions that I have the space for five hangers but I hang ten.....so what! I make sure to close my closet at night because I don't want to hear my husband talking crap, or shaking his head, because my closet is so full.....so what! That doesn't mean there's a problem. I certainly don't have a shopping issue. I can stop any time I want.

I have a thing for handbags. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. So what! I like my bag to match my outfit. I'm not one of those women who carry the same one no matter what they have on. I break out into a sweat when I see a beautifully made pocketbook. So what! It's my husband's fault. He bought me my first Gucci bag about nineteen years ago and I was hooked. I was on a designer kick for a little while but once we had our second child I downgraded. See, I have control. So what I don't have anymore room for my pocketbooks. I'm going to buy another one this weekend. Does that mean I have a problem?

I dreamt of buying a purple Kooba bag last night, but anyway...

I can stop any time I want to. Does it matter that i'm online shopping when I should be working? It's not my fault. Why do they send me those damned catalogs in the mail? I get so many of them that my mail must be checked every day so that the mailman doesn't have to stuff things inside. Should I be blamed for looking through the catalogs and finding sales? I've become the queen of coupon codes. I never pay full price. That's a good thing right?

My husband suggested we rent a storage room to have a place where we could put the things we might not be using but need a place for. As of right now it's full of my winter clothes. I swap when the seasons change. I look at all the bags and boxes and I know that it's too much. I mean, my clothes aren't the only things there but they take up a whole lot of room.

Well, I'm a woman. I like clothes, and shoes, and especially handbags. I need to have choices. My choices are vast. Does that mean I have a problem? I say no. I'm a woman.

The other night I dreamt of gladiator sandals and crocodile Coach bags.

Okay, so I might have a bit of an issue. We're in a recession and I have made the decision not to shop so much. So, I did buy a blouse online this morning but that was my last purchase of the summer, well, after I buy the handbag I saw at Macy's. Yeah, that will be my last purchase of the summer. I love shopping. It's a fun stress reliever. I may do a little too much of it but I can stop any time I want to, really I can.

My name is Tammy and.....I may be on my way to buy a pair of shoes...(It's my co-workers fault. She wants me to go with her to Steve Madden)