Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Just a few of Tammy's thoughts.

Is it necessary to look at someone after you step on their foot or bump into them when you know you're not going to say excuse me?

Do you watch something you don't really have much interest in if you can't find your remote?

How hard is it to wipe off the toilet seat? I hate it when I got to use the bathroom and the seat is wet. There is nothing nastier than having to wipe off someone else's urine.

Along the same lines, it's a shame that signs have to be posted in bathrooms telling people to wipe the seat, wash their hands, or not put certain things into the toilet. Huh?

I spent my night talking to an old friend who not only cheated on his wife, but had a child with another woman. She stayed, but he thinks she's cheating now. Does he have the right to be upset?

Should women act like a lady and think like a man like Steve Harvey suggests?

It would be wonderful to wake up, grab my pen and pad and write all day long. Working a job I cannot stand is for the birds!

Even though I can't stand my job, I thank God for it each and every day.

I really miss my father. I know he's watching over me and often wonder if he's proud of the life I live.

Our tabloid society really upsets me. Why do I watch TMZ?

Is chivalry dead? A pregnant woman got on the bus when I was on my way home yesterday and not one man got up to let her sit down.

Am I out of the loop because I rarely visit my myspace page, don't have a facebook page, and I don't give a damn about twitter?

Is technology ruining our society? It's all about this page and that one, Aim, online chatting, and texting. We hardly ever talk to one another.

I must admit, texting has saved me from having a lot of unnecessary conversations.

I hate it when someone calls me and expects me to keep the conversation going. What the hell did you call me for?

I guess that's all for now...