Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One of the members of my book club invited me to an event Saturday and I am extremely nervous. Her girlfriend is starting a publishing company and she's having a publishing party. It sounds like something I need to do and I know I should. I'm just not very good at networking.

I know I have to get over my issue if I want to get my book sold. This is what I wanted. I'm scared but i'll be okay. I'm not that good at selling myself but I believe in my novel. If it could speak for itself I know it would but that's not possible. I have to do the talking.

I'm a shy person. I work on it daily. Most people have no idea. It's not that easy for me to put myself out there. I think that's part of the reason I really wanted to self publish. Although it's a tough process I think it was my form of taking the easy way out. All of the work would be on me and I wouldn't have to do a lot of networking to get it done.

I've practiced the things I would say when I went to small book stores and asked them to sell my book. I was ready for that, or at least I would have been by the time the book was done. I'm glad my friend has extended this invitation to me. It forces me to challenge myself. I really need to do that more often. I'm very confident when doing things I like. It's the things that make me question myself that are the problem. I don't always go for the gusto in those situations. That has got to change if I want to be a successful author.

Things will work out one way or another. It's up to me to decide what the outcome of my journey to being published will be. I can either stay in the box I put myself in and tip toe through the process or jump out of that box and dance my way to success. I'm a music lover. Dancing is something I love to do. I choose the dance. It's time for me to get to moving.

Wish me luck....