Saturday, July 26, 2008

Should I Stop?

I'd always see other people's blogs and wonder how they got started. As a writer, any opportunity to share my thoughts is welcomed. With the encouragement of a friend, I decided to go for it. After I posted my first entry, I emailed my friends and family to tell them about what I had done. I was excited because I thought my blog would be a place where we could share ideas and, hopefully, others would visit.

It hasn't really worked out the way I liked and I was thinking about leaving the whole thing alone. That thought lasted for a little while until I realized that this blog is more about me than it is about other people. I'm a writer and I need to write. I just won't be the same if I don't. Anything that allows me to write is a good thing. All writers want people to read their stuff and i've gotten a lot of good feedback.

Starting this blog was a huge step for me because I hardly ever let people read the things I write. Writing is very personal for me. It's not easy to share with others. I think that's why I haven't tried to publish anything that i've written. In a perfect world I would make my living writing novels. I know that's not an easy thing to do, but it would be wonderful to make a living depending on my abilities.

I've been keeping my writing to myself for a long time. I was online shopping one day and noticed that the website I was visiting was having a writing contest. I decided to enter. A few months later I was sent an email telling me that I was one of the winners. I was ecstatic! It felt great to know that my ability was acknowledged. Winning made me feel so good and I decided that I would work harder to get my book done and published and write as much as I could. Even though i've always known that i'm a good writer, it was nice to have validation.

The blog and publishing books are two things that i've always wanted to do. I've accomplished one and i'm working hard on the other. I thank all of those who take the time to visit the blog and especially those who took the time to comment because that lets me know you were here. I may not get a lot of comments or have the most popular blog out there, but that's okay. I'm finally realizing that I don't want to write, I need to write and I will never stop.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Can't Wait

So, i'm almost done with my book. I mean I am at the very end. It's a wonderful feeling. I can only imagine how i'll feel when it's done. I've been wanting to publish a book for a long time. I have boxes of things that i've written, but I never did anything with the stuff. When I started this book I was determined to see it all the way to the end.

I want to self-publish. I don't want anyone to tell me to change anything or keep most of the money and give me pennies. I've seen authors on the street selling their books out of their trunks. One young lady found a spot on 125th street and sold hers out of a grocery store shopping cart. That's what's up! I'm ready to hustle. It's all a part of loving what you do.

I know a couple people who have done what I would like to do. Check their books out when you have a chance. Buy a copy. Independent authors need all the support they can get. I hope to join the ranks very soon.

Caroline McGill does my taxes. She sells her books out of her desk and she also has a website.
Caroline's books talk a lot about the AIDS epidemic. Check her out. I was pleasantly surprised when I read her books. I actually couldn't put them down. They have a street edge, but with meaning. Her web address is

One of my son's teachers, Bradley Huff, has published his book. The title is, "Alone Boy." It can be purchased on I'm really proud of him. I saw him at the school one Saturday and he was really happy about the book being done.

I think we should support all independents trying to make it in the world. My friend, Cecil, is a music producer and he's currently producing his cousin, Shalea Silk, a very talented singer and songwriter. They've been working really hard and Shalea has been nominated for and Underground Music Award as Most Promising Female Singer. You can vote for her at She is also on Clear Channel's New list. If she gets enough spins she'll be added to their radio rotation on two r&b stations in New York. Check her out. The song has to play for 3 minutes in order for the spin to count. Help them out.

Hopefully, i'll be joining the ranks, hustling to get my book sold soon. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm a Writer

I'm a writer
It's what I do
I have words and ideas coursing through my veins
I'm a writer
I can't help it
I think, eat, and sleep ideas
I'm a writer
Remember my name
You'll see it on the cover of a book some day
I'm a writer
I can't help myself
Pen and paper excite me
Words ignite me
Thoughts provoke me
Even when i'm not writing
I'm a writer
It's the talent I was given
Before I was born
God said, "Let her write."
And placed me on this earth
To use my talent
And I do
I write when i'm happy
and indifferent
It's the gift that has never been a curse
I'm a writer
It is my calling
I can make you laugh, cry, or smile
Just by putting paper to pen
I thank God every day
For blessing me with the one thing
That I know I was meant to do
I remember when I realized it
In sixth grade
A writing contest
And the winner is...
At that moment I said to myself
I'm a writer
Short stories
You name it
I'll do it
I'm a writer
It's what I do
I have words and ideas coursing through my veins
And they spill out onto the page
Flowing until the end of thought...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend.I was off Friday and ended up going to see The Dark Knight with my husband and son. I really enjoyed the movie! Christian Bale may have taken Michael Keaton's spot as my favorite Batman. I love the way he rolls. He was good, but Heath Ledger stole the movie. His portrayal of The Joker blew my mind. I saw absolutely no traces of Heath. It was all Joker. Although I thoroughly enjoyed his performance, I became sad in the middle of the movie. It's a shame that he will not be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. I'm sure he'll be nominated for several awards and he's gotten so much critical acclaim. Too bad he's not here to see it.I worked Saturday morning. Overtime is always a good thing. Saturday night I went bowling with some family and friends. We had a really good time. We always do. My husband and I had to wait a couple hours for everyone to arrive, but once they did the fun began. We played women against men. Anna (Cha Cha), Camille (Lola), Pearl (Sexi P), Lamika (Meekz), and I (Clozer) were against Gabe, Pierre, James, Issac, and Eddie.I'm sure they thought they were going to beat us. I bowled well the entire game, which surprised me because my first game usually sucks. The girls were doing well, but Sexi P was struggling a little bit. We got to the 10th frame, literally neck in neck, when she pulls through and bowls two strikes and barrels past her opponent. That's how ladies do, they always come through in the clutch!They tried to make me nervous and go before Eddie, who was my competition but it didn't work. I bowled a strike and a spare. We won by one point! It was so much fun. The guys, of course, did not take defeat well at all. It was so funny! It's a wonderful thing to be able to be in good company and not have to worry about nonsense.I love my family and friends so much. We always have a good time when we're together. That is a luxury a lot of people do not have. I consider myself very lucky.I'm at work once again, doing overtime. Sundays are so quiet. Tomorrow another work week starts. I'm glad I had a nice weekend.