Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Tired

I'm tired
Tired of letting other people's insecurities affect my disposition
Tired of scared little boys wrapped up in big men's bodies
Why are you so angry?
Why do you refuse to look at yourself?
Do you even know who you really are?
I'm tired
Tired of judgmental people who cannot judge themselves
Tired of prying eyes and nosy bitches
Get your own shit
Why you ridin' mine?
Don't worry about what i'm doing or what's going on in my life
Is yours in order?
Are you that one perfect person God decided to create?
I'm tired
Tired of worrying about how this and that is going to work out
Tired of feeling like I just can't be
It's no ones fault but mine
For some reason I can't see that half full glass
No matter how hard I try
And it's bringing me down, even when things are going good
I'm tired
Tired of the things I won't admit to myself
Tired of the people I know I don't need in my life
Why can't I just let them go and move on?
When I know...
I know they're no good for me
Their negative energy is making my shoulders feel heavy
And changing my posture
I'm tired
Tired of getting up early in the morning
Tired of getting dressed to go to a place I can't stand
To be around people who make me want to scream
And spend time doing things that don't matter to me at all
It's such a waste
But them bills have got to be paid
I'm tired
Tired of people who walk around like their shit don't stink
Tired of people who think the rules do not apply to them
Who do you think you are?
Get your nose out the air
And find a clue
The world and all it's inhabitants do not revolve around you
I'm tired
Tired of angry people
Tired of unnecessarily loud voices
Why are you yelling?
Do you know how ignorant you look and sound right now?
It's laughable
You're joking right?
No one can really act this way
Sometimes I feel like Florida Evans
I'm tired
And sometimes I just want to be left alone
To my own devices
I'm not complaining
I have a good life
Filled with the love of good people
I guess it's just one of those days
Those venting days
Those f you days
Those get away from me days
One of those days that just make me want to say
There's so much more I could say
I'm tired...