Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who Are They Fighting For?

As usual, Barack has said what I was thinking. Anyone who thinks that community organizing is a joke is obviously either out of touch with the community or doesn't give a damn about the community. In the case of Sarah Pailin, i'd say it's a bit of both. Who are they fighting for is the perfect question to ask.

I watched some of the RNC (there's no way I could stomach the entire thing) and it looked like a bunch of robots in suits sitting around making fun of the American people. The fact that Pailin is their nominee for vice president feels like and insult.

I've always cared about politics, but this election has me fired up. After the eight years of torture we have suffered through it's really important that we put the right person in the White House. John McCain seems very confused to me, and not only because he's old. He's just not sure if he's pro or anti Bush. One minute he's voting with him 90% of the time and the next he's a maverick and the candidate of, get this, change.

Every time I hear McCain and Pailin speak, I feel like my intelligence is being questioned. Do they really think people believe the things they say? Who are the people who actually do, and what the hell is wrong with them?

As I think of the choices, I see absolutely no comparison. I try not to think of what it would be like if Barack were to lose the election. It would be tragic. Believe it or not, I actually know a few people who weren't registered. After getting tired of my constant nagging they finally got their stuff together. They will be voting if I have to drag them to the polls. We need all the votes we can get.

I really don't understand how anyone could even think of not voting in this day and age, knowing what George W. Bush has done to this country. My cousin actually carries registration applications in his pocket and has convinced a few people to do what needs to be done.

This is all about the grass roots. We need to roll up our sleeves and do what we have to do to get Barack Obama elected.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


There's a saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I think it's true. I've never been the type of person to know a whole bunch of people. I believe in quality as opposed to quantity. I have friends who i've known forever, then there are those who I consider acquaintances, and friends I haven't known that long, but like a lot.

There are so many ways to make friends. You can meet them at work, in social settings, or through other friends. I have a few friends I cherish that I met through others. My friend Kecha was the girlfriend of one of my husband's friends. The two of us clicked from the beginning and got close immediately. I've known her for about 15 years now and she's someone I know I can depend on no matter what. She's the type of person that will give you the shirt off her back without a second thought.

I got the idea for this blog from my friend Trixie who I met through family. We're both pisces and I think we understand each other. It's important to have friends that understand who you are. I'm a private person and so is she. We're very emotional, but people don't know that because of our hard shell. Trix is someone who will have your back through thick and thin if she's your friend. She's that ride or die chick that will pick you up at 4:00 in the morning to go and handle whatever business needs to be handled. LOL!

I've known my friend Bena since third grade. She's in Georgia now. That's my girl no matter what. We've kind of lost touch, but if I saw her tomorrow it would be like we never parted.

Marilyn is one of my best friends in the world. That's my sister from another mother. If ever I don't have, she's there for me. She has done a lot for me over the years. We met at work about 20 years ago and became friends instantly.

There's Greg who has known my husband almost all his life. I consider him a brother. We lost touch for a little while but he was always on my mind. He's more like a brother. I like the way he thinks. We do nothing but laugh when we're together. He's one of the people I feel most comfortable around.

I have made friends that will be in my life forever on my current job. A couple are still there and some have moved on. We don't see each other as much as we use to but we always have fun when we do.

These are all lifetime friends. No matter what we're going to be friends.

I've met people who came into my life with information that I really needed and we lost touch. I'm writing a book and I met someone who has published one on her own. We spoke on the phone and went out for drinks a few times and I gathered a lot of information. We didn't communicate for a while, and eventually lost touch. She came into my life for a reason.

There are people who we hang out with, but don't really talk to about anything serious. We just enjoy their company.

Friends come in so many different forms. Those of us who have them are really lucky. It's just great to have those that you can call on no matter what.

I've been in a really reflective mood since I came back from visiting my family. Seeing them helped me to appreciate all that I have. Today I told my sister that I don't write in my journal anymore because I have this blog. I told someone I had a blog and they asked what I blogged about. I told them that I don't have a specific topic. I blog about whatever's on my mind. Yesterday it was haters, today it's friends. Who knows what will be on my mind tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


People hate on the down low. It's so sad...

I'm doing a few things in my life that i'm proud of. I've shared some of these things with people and have realized that some aren't as happy for me as they seem. My sister, Char, once told me that it's not always good to tell people things. I didn't want to believe that at first, but I have come to find that it's true.

I read between the lines of the comments that people make, or see that they try to change the subject when I talk about what i'm doing. They say little things with a fake smile and think they're being slick, but i'm a pisces and very intuitive. I know fake when I see, hear, and read it. At first I was a little hurt about it, then pissed off, now I don't really give a damn.

One of my friends is doing big things with music right now. I'm very proud of him because I know how hard he works. He's behind the scenes. We work together. He talks about what's going on with the music a lot. I understand how it feels to be excited about something and want to tell people about what you're doing because I feel the same way. I look at some people when he is talking and they're making faces and rolling their eyes. It's not because he's bragging or anything like that, it's because they're haters.

When people don't have things going in their lives, they can't stand it that others do. As I always tell my children, misery loves company. People try to keep you down, but you can't let them. You have to keep hustling and wipe the dirt off your shoulder.

While I was in North Carolina for my family reunion, I got so much support and encouragement that it put the whole hater thing in perspective. I came back to New York feeling hater proof.

So, while i'm brushing the haters off I wanted to take the time to thank those who support me.

Thank you to my husband, who doesn't like to read, for being so supportive of me and taking the time to read my book and give me constructive criticism and ideas that have helped to make it even better.

Thank you to my kids for always asking me how my book is coming along. Thank you Ratique for always commenting on how hard i'm working to finish and offering to get me something to drink or eat when i'm deep in writing thought. Thank you Lamika for convincing me to send my novel off to publishers when I am done just to see what happens. I had it in my mind that I wanted to do all the work and didn't want any outsiders reading my stuff. Thank you for helping me to see otherwise. Also, thank you for taking the time to read my blog every day.

Thank you to my sisters for reading things I have written over the years and always encouraging me to keep going. It's appreciated more than you know. Thanks for reading my blog too. Whenever you see a comment for Char or Yvette, those are my sisters.

Thank you to my family in NC for bigging me up over the weekend. It meant a lot. It's nice to know that when people are asking questions about what you're doing it's because they genuinely want to know and have your best interest at heart. Thanks for the advice Uncle Lee, and thanks Auntie Ann for spreading the word and putting me in touch with people who may be able to help me finance the publishing of my book.

Thank you to two of my co-workers, Chandra and Cecil. I want to thank Chandra for bringing me lunch every day for about two months so that I could spend that time on the computer. There aren't many people who would have done that for me. We usually go to lunch together and if I ever need to stay behind and get some writing done she is more than happy to make sure that I have something to eat. I'm not sure if I ever told her how much I appreciate that. Cecil has always encouraged me. I'm not sure if he knows how much it means to me, so I wanted to put it out into the universe. He knows what it's like to have that passion that drives you that you want to be successful with. We share a bond of creativity that not a lot of people can understand.

Thanks to my brother Lateef who is one of the few people I let read my stuff because I value his opinion. He's one of the smartest people I know.

Thank you Yvonne for all your help and encouragement with my blog. You are a true diva and I appreciate all of your advice. I'm sure i'll be asking for more.

I have to thank my mother for her gentle encouragement. I talk to her and she'll say, "How's the book coming along bay?" and make me smile. I know that she wants me to succeed and I love her so much.

I also have to thank my father who encouraged me so much when he was alive and inspires me now that he's gone. I hope that he is smiling down on me and saying, "I'm proud of you Bugaloo."

Thank you all...

To all the undercover haters, I know who you are. Thank you to you as well. Your hate makes me stronger. I have learned to dodge your negative energy because I feel so positive about what i'm doing and have so many wonderful people behind me. Maybe i'll give you a free copy of the book when it comes out...........NOT!

Black Man Running

I know there are a lot of folks sitting around scratching their heads saying, "How the hell did that happen?" I'm sure those same people thought it was a big joke when Barack Obama announced that he was running for President of the United States. I know the Clintons damn sure didn't think he would take the nomination they thought they were entitled to. When he won the Iowa primary they had to take him seriously, but I still don't think they thought he could take it all the way. Well guess what, he did.

Damn it felt good to watch that strong, black man stand in front of a stadium full of 80,000 people and claim what belonged to him.

I thought of all that our people have gone through and how many of those very people are not here to witness this moment. It's because of them that Barack Obama has the opportunity to be our President, and he knows that.

I'm usually a crier, but as I watched Barack speak I felt so much pride that all I could do was smile and throw in a "Amen" and a "speak brother" every now and then. My heart was full. I thought a lot about my father. I wish he was here to witness this moment. He would be so proud. Anyone who knew my dad knows he was a little on the militant side. Seeing that brother taking charge would have been his dream come true. I also pictured my grandfather sitting in his chair in the living room smiling.

So many people are looking down upon this moment in history and smiling. Win or lose, and I pray it's a win, Barack Obama has changed this nation. He has mobilized every age and race to call for change. As he said in his speech, "Eight is enough." I hope it will be enough to clean up the mess our President has made. One term certainly won't be enough.

My favorite moment of the night was when the speech was over and Michelle and the kids came out. Seeing this beautiful Black family holding hands and holding court was a beautiful thing. I thought to myself, "Wow, this could, and should, be the first family." The time is now. If we ever needed change, we need it now.

Let's go!