Monday, April 13, 2009

Here is my contribution to National Poetry Month:

Back and forth
Up and down
Left and right
I've looked at my life from every angle
I'm searching
Still trying to figure out
Where I belong in this world
Thought i'd know by now
But it turns out
Life is a never ending spiral
Of learning
And growing
And evolving
Sometimes out of control
Finding oneself
Is an infinite quest
For knowledge
And understanding
That never ends
I've been looking for a while now
And just when I think
There she is
Something changes
And rearranges
My thoughts
I have hope
For my future
Now that I know
That the search for self knowledge
Will never end
I'm me
And will always be
But i've learned
To accept the changes
My eyes are open
And I feel free
To love me
And all of my faults
And inadequacies
I am who I am
And that's enough