Saturday, October 18, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Born March 3, 1968
Daddy said, her name is Tamika
But i'll call her Bugalou
Years go by
Daddy leaves
But his love is still present
Bugalou knows he'll always be there for her
He calls
I'm coming to get you
She's so excited
Daddy's coming
She sits
And waits
And waits
But daddy never shows
Or calls
Days pass
He apologizes
She forgives
He's her daddy
And she loves him
But he loves the bottle
It's the monkey
Attached to his back
Years go by
He's there when he can be
When the monkey allows
The quality of his time is so immense
That the quantity matters less
Bugalou loves him
She's daddy's little girl
Sixteen and pregnant
A disappointment to many
But not to daddy
He still makes her feel special
And says, "The decision is yours."
Grandchild is born
Little Bugalou
He loves her just as much
And she adores him
Daddy now has two girls
Bugalou is now a mommy
Always calling daddy for advice
He's such a good listener
The best advice giver
And friend
And daddy
He's there when he can be
When the monkey allows
He disappears
Does his best
Gets rid of the monkey
For a little while
He is himself
But alas
The monkey comes back
They fight for years
And eventually
The monkey wins
And takes his life
Daddy's gone
Bugalou feels alone
She misses her daddy
She talks to him
But it's not the same
He doesn't answer back
He's in a better place they say
It's no comfort
Years go by
It gets easier
She talks to him
And hears his voice
"Don't take no wooden nickels."
She learns to find strength
In his memory
Lives her life to make him proud
Thinks of him daily
Feels enveloped in his love
And even though she still cries
Because she misses him so
She knows he's looking down on her
And willing her through life's challenges
Bugalou misses him
But it's okay
Because no matter what life throws her way
He instilled within her
The strength to survive
And she will always be
Daddy's little girl.



SLC said...

Hey sis.
Tear jerker. Even for a manly man like me. Pray you and Mr. have a blessed week.

Keith said...

That was beautiful Tammy..

Strongblkwmn said...

Thank you.

I had a moment in front of my computer Saturday. My father came to mind and I had this overwhelming sense of loss. I started crying and it came from the tips of my toes and traveled through my body. Even though it's been ten years since he passed, I really miss him. Every time I go through something I wish I could call him.

Lamika said...

I hear your voice through this poem. I miss him, too.

Jacqueline said...

Lovely! Made me think of how much I love my daddy.

City Home Accessories said...

so beautiful tammy! very lovely