Friday, October 24, 2008

Say It Loud!

I'm feeling good about being me today.

I love my people! Imagine what we could do if we really made it do what it do.

It's time we realize how blessed we truly are.


Keith said...

RIGHT ON!!!-lololol...and how is
my little AUTHOR doing today?

Strongblkwmn said...

LOL! I'm doing great. Yesterday was a great day. I was feeling good about my brown skin. I always do.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My complexion is about the same color as a medium cup of coffee with four creams and I love it. I'm mixed w/asian but you know what they say....... one drop of blood and you're a Negro!

City Home Accessories said...

me too!

James Tubman said...

we could the be the greatest most powerful ethnic group in the world

thats what we could do