Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh baby!

My son's baby shower is next Saturday and it's all I can think about. I want everything to be right and I can't shake the feeling that i'm missing something. It's going to be an event. I'm so thankful to my family and friends who are helping me. I don't know what I would do without them. I'd probably lose it for real.

I'm constantly looking at lists and comparing prices. My husband thinks it's so funny. You know how men do. He likes to give up the cash and keep it moving. He tries to act like he's removed from the situation but he'll slip an idea in here and there. Some of them are actually good.

I really want my son to enjoy himself and feel the love and support we all have for him. Being a young parent is not easy at all, even when you have people behind you that will hold you down. I didn't really have that so of course i'm going to make sure I do all that I can for him and my grandchild.

Although i'll be there to help the responsibility of his child will definitely be on his shoulders. He needs to feel it. Part of being a parent is finding your way. I really don't have any doubt that my son will be an excellent father. He has a very gently quality that will definitely come in handy.

It's been something watching him grow. I've definitely seen a big change in him since we all found out he was going to be a dad. I'm impressed. He had to give up his spot on his college basketball team to work and when he found a job they made him cut off his beloved mohawk. Parents make sacrifices for their children. He's already learning that lesson.

We still don't know the sex of the baby. I don't want to know. My son's girlfriend has had two sonograms and the baby's legs were crossed both times. That's grandma's baby. Make that grand entrance and keep everyone in suspense. I think not knowing is part of the joy of life in general. We have another month left and I cannot wait to meet my grandbaby.

This child has changed a lot of lives already. I have been taught a lesson in patience and understanding. My son is learning a lesson in responsibility and growth. My husband has learned that he must loosen his grip sometimes and let his children grow. He cannot protect them from everything. It's amazing how I have so much love in my heart for someone I haven't met.

So i'll be a little stressed out until next Saturday, but it's a happy stress. I don't mind at all. I smile when I think of our family and friends coming together to celebrate new life. It's an amazing thing.