Monday, January 26, 2009

Rude People

I cannot stand rude people! I hate it when i'm walking down the street and move out of the way of someone coming my way and they keep walking, without moving, and bump into me. It makes me so angry! What about the person that steps on your foot and looks at you without saying anything? Don't get me started on that one.

What happened to common courtesy? It seems like people don't have it anymore. There's a particular person I know who walks in my house like they live there, and doesn't speak. I was raised to know that you always speak when you walk into a room. How can you walk into a space occupied by people and act as if they're not there? Who the hell are you?

I was sitting at my desk one afternoon and my manager walked over and grabbed my mouse and started looking for something like I wasn't sitting there. I pushed her hand off the mouse and asked her if there was something I could help her with. How dare she do that? Is it me, or was that rude? I know it was rude and I don't know why I asked. I just started working with this person and I realize the other people in the department let her do and say whatever she wants. That is not, and will never be, me. I demand that my personal space is respected.

Personal space is very important to me. I hate when i'm standing on line and someone is so close to me that I can barely move. I try so hard not to lose my temper, but it's hard. Why are you up on me like that? Get out of my space. We do not know each other! That's rude.

Another thing I cannot stand is when you're talking to someone and someone else interupts like a conversation wasn't going on. Hello! Can you wait until we're done? I'm pretty sure that whatever you had to say wasn't that important, and if it was you could have at least said excuse me. That's rude.

Speaking of conversations, what about when you're talking to someone and they cut you off and start talking about something else? It's obvious that they really didn't give a damn about what you were saying. That's rude.

I was on a crowded but the other day and this man had this big ass bag on his back. I was holding on to the pole in front of a person who was about to get up. When I went to sit down, he took his bag and knocked me out of the way. I probably would have smacked him if I wasn't in shock. Everyone on the bus was looking at him like he was crazy. I'm trying to change in 2009 so I chalked it up to his bag being heavy. (I DID WANT TO BUST HIS ASS)

Do rude people know they're rude? Do they not care? What rude things bother you? Or are you the rude one.


Keith said...

Most Rude people are totally aloof.
They don't have a clue.
I hate when people stop by my office for something and then peer at my screen and comment on the screen's contents...That's not what you came here for, how do you know I wanted you to see what is on my screen?-lolol..I feel you on this sister.

Stacye said...

I know it's been a while and I missed you! Ok, the guy on the bus would have gotten a piece of my mind...Im saved and still human! Im with you in reference to your supevivor, how dare she do that! I also cant stand it when someone is up on me in line. As a police officer Im careful with my space. Dont walk up on me and dont get into my personal space...something ugly will come out. Lord have mercy Im doing my best to change and my father knows Im a work in progress but my space IS MY SPACE AND RUDE IS RUDE! Ok, Im back (smile). Tammy, I feel you about rude people. This country needs more compassion and I press that with Obama's example we'll get it.

Talk at you soon!

The Fitness Diva said...

Girl, you are preaching to the choir here! I feel you on each and every point... hell, I could have written this myself, because I think these things all the time.

I, like you, get very angry when people act out like this, and I also wonder if they're being rude just because they think they're bad ass and can get away with it (completely unaware that I am the one that WILL slap the shit out of you and also be ready for whatever follows), or if they are mentally impaired, crazy or just weren't raised properly. I know that I was, and this is why I always notice these things.
My biggest shit is when I'm walking all the way to the right on the sidewalk (which I always do), and here you come from the other direction with the entire other side clear, but make sure to stay so far over on my side that you know you're gonna bump into me. Know what happens then? As soon as you're in range I lift my elbow up so the point of it bangs into your shoulder real hard (I also speed up my pace at just the right moment to make sure it's real hard) because you know your ass needed to move over instead of playing this dumb ass game of chicken with me. I've had some interesting reactions to this at times, to which I reply "you shoulda moved your ass over. Look at all that room you have".

It seems that lately a lot of people out here are walking around trying to prove something. Guess what? I'm the one that's gonna prove you wrong. Move your ass over! ;)

Girl, we need to get out of NY! I think rudeness is just taken to a whole other level here! :D

Strongblkwmn said...

Keith - The woman in the cubicle next to mine does that all the time. Every time she passes she looks at my screen. Lately i've been asking her if there's something I can help her with. It's so annoying.

Stacye - I feel like i'm a work in progress too and I was proud of myself when I didn't say anything to the guy who hit me with his bag. Normally it would not have gone down that way.

Diva - I'm with you on the shoulder thing. I do it too. I hate when I make an attempt to move out of someone's way when we're walking toward each other and they don't move, so now I wait until the last minute. I still love New York, but it does seem that people's attitudes are getting worse. Times are hard, I guess people don't have time to remember their manners. LOL

Monk Inyang said...

Diva, that pisses me off to no end when I'm walking through NY. I especially hate when the person isn't even paying attention to the fact that this is a crowded sidewalk and people just MIGHT be walking in the opposite direction as you. Now I'm a big dude, so if I'm not in a good mood and some guy does that, I've been known to lower my shoulder and roll someone over. Cuz I've had people try to walk THROUGH me, not even move slightly to my left or right and bump my shoulder. So in those cases you get run through that I'm running with a football.

Strongblkwmn said...

Monk - You sound like my husband. LOL!

Lamika said...


Remember Bertha? Hahahahaha

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