Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm a Writer

I'm a writer
It's what I do
I have words and ideas coursing through my veins
I'm a writer
I can't help it
I think, eat, and sleep ideas
I'm a writer
Remember my name
You'll see it on the cover of a book some day
I'm a writer
I can't help myself
Pen and paper excite me
Words ignite me
Thoughts provoke me
Even when i'm not writing
I'm a writer
It's the talent I was given
Before I was born
God said, "Let her write."
And placed me on this earth
To use my talent
And I do
I write when i'm happy
and indifferent
It's the gift that has never been a curse
I'm a writer
It is my calling
I can make you laugh, cry, or smile
Just by putting paper to pen
I thank God every day
For blessing me with the one thing
That I know I was meant to do
I remember when I realized it
In sixth grade
A writing contest
And the winner is...
At that moment I said to myself
I'm a writer
Short stories
You name it
I'll do it
I'm a writer
It's what I do
I have words and ideas coursing through my veins
And they spill out onto the page
Flowing until the end of thought...


Dashlia said...

I So Want To Write As Well, But Unlike You I Havent Started Yet Because I Keep Getting Stuck In The Beggining.

I Can't Believe You're A Writer, (in a good way) Soooo Coool.

I Would Love To Read Your Book...When Your Done....

Love You...Bye....Muahsz

Manchild said...

Hello Tammy,

May your encouraging words inspire other writers to do what God created them to do.

Yes, I'm a first time visitor.