Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend.I was off Friday and ended up going to see The Dark Knight with my husband and son. I really enjoyed the movie! Christian Bale may have taken Michael Keaton's spot as my favorite Batman. I love the way he rolls. He was good, but Heath Ledger stole the movie. His portrayal of The Joker blew my mind. I saw absolutely no traces of Heath. It was all Joker. Although I thoroughly enjoyed his performance, I became sad in the middle of the movie. It's a shame that he will not be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. I'm sure he'll be nominated for several awards and he's gotten so much critical acclaim. Too bad he's not here to see it.I worked Saturday morning. Overtime is always a good thing. Saturday night I went bowling with some family and friends. We had a really good time. We always do. My husband and I had to wait a couple hours for everyone to arrive, but once they did the fun began. We played women against men. Anna (Cha Cha), Camille (Lola), Pearl (Sexi P), Lamika (Meekz), and I (Clozer) were against Gabe, Pierre, James, Issac, and Eddie.I'm sure they thought they were going to beat us. I bowled well the entire game, which surprised me because my first game usually sucks. The girls were doing well, but Sexi P was struggling a little bit. We got to the 10th frame, literally neck in neck, when she pulls through and bowls two strikes and barrels past her opponent. That's how ladies do, they always come through in the clutch!They tried to make me nervous and go before Eddie, who was my competition but it didn't work. I bowled a strike and a spare. We won by one point! It was so much fun. The guys, of course, did not take defeat well at all. It was so funny! It's a wonderful thing to be able to be in good company and not have to worry about nonsense.I love my family and friends so much. We always have a good time when we're together. That is a luxury a lot of people do not have. I consider myself very lucky.I'm at work once again, doing overtime. Sundays are so quiet. Tomorrow another work week starts. I'm glad I had a nice weekend.


Cathy said...

Girls rule, boys drool. Good job ladies!

Ratique aka Silent Assassin said...

My weekend was great too!The Dark Knight was the best movie of the Summer! The joker was the star of that movie. Without the Joker that movie would not be the same. He was the best, and because of him I am now a big joker fan! Till this day The Dark Knight is still selling out shows in theatres! Saturday and Sunday I spent with my godfather, godbrothers, and my uncle who we went to see in New Jersey! It was alot of fun he took me and torin bowling. Of course I had to put the beating on them. My weekend was fun.But Ma I beat if I went bowling with yall the Men would have won because i know daddy needed help!

Strongblkwmn said...

The Dark Knight was definitely the best movie i've seen in a long time. As far as bowling goes, they probably could have used your help but oh well, we busted them up.