Saturday, July 26, 2008

Should I Stop?

I'd always see other people's blogs and wonder how they got started. As a writer, any opportunity to share my thoughts is welcomed. With the encouragement of a friend, I decided to go for it. After I posted my first entry, I emailed my friends and family to tell them about what I had done. I was excited because I thought my blog would be a place where we could share ideas and, hopefully, others would visit.

It hasn't really worked out the way I liked and I was thinking about leaving the whole thing alone. That thought lasted for a little while until I realized that this blog is more about me than it is about other people. I'm a writer and I need to write. I just won't be the same if I don't. Anything that allows me to write is a good thing. All writers want people to read their stuff and i've gotten a lot of good feedback.

Starting this blog was a huge step for me because I hardly ever let people read the things I write. Writing is very personal for me. It's not easy to share with others. I think that's why I haven't tried to publish anything that i've written. In a perfect world I would make my living writing novels. I know that's not an easy thing to do, but it would be wonderful to make a living depending on my abilities.

I've been keeping my writing to myself for a long time. I was online shopping one day and noticed that the website I was visiting was having a writing contest. I decided to enter. A few months later I was sent an email telling me that I was one of the winners. I was ecstatic! It felt great to know that my ability was acknowledged. Winning made me feel so good and I decided that I would work harder to get my book done and published and write as much as I could. Even though i've always known that i'm a good writer, it was nice to have validation.

The blog and publishing books are two things that i've always wanted to do. I've accomplished one and i'm working hard on the other. I thank all of those who take the time to visit the blog and especially those who took the time to comment because that lets me know you were here. I may not get a lot of comments or have the most popular blog out there, but that's okay. I'm finally realizing that I don't want to write, I need to write and I will never stop.


The Fitness Diva said...

Hey, girl.

First of all, congrats on winning a writing contest! That's huge, and also a sign that you need to keep doing what you're doing.

As for why to keep a blog, well there's many reasons folks do it.
Some do it just to be able to say "I have a blog", because it's so popular now. But only after having one do you really begin to know what that means. That's why you see so many out here start with a big bang, and then just fizzle out.
The 'net is full of blogs whose last post was back in 2005, '06, 08, etc. You really have to have a purpose, a need to teach or inform people, or a need to share your thoughts with someone, even if that someone is just the computer. (many people come out here and keep journals that no one else gets to read).

Now, as far as popularity goes, you have to work on that. That doesn't just come the moment you start publishing posts. You have to stay out here posting good content that folks want to read, visit other people's blogs and become part of the blogging community. It's a process, and it doesn't happen overnight. I've been blogging for nearly 3 years now, and there was a time when absolutely NOBODY read my shit! ;)

As for family and friends, well, other people are never going to be as excited as you are when it comes to your brainchild, whatever that is.
You have to get your own steam and inspiration from yourself. If you're dependent on others' encouragement and constant support, you might as well quit now.

I remember two years ago when I published my first website. I was so excited because it was such a major event for me! I had talked about having a website for years, and now here I was finally DOING it!
I sent all of you the link and an announcement. Not ONE of you responded with any kind of congrats or encouragement.
Spivey did, however, send me a note saying that he'd check it out.
Danielle never even looked at the link I sent. I knew that when she visited months later and when I asked what she thought of my site and she told me she hadn't seen it yet. MONTHS LATER. I still love her, though, but do you know how I felt? I published a second website, built from scratch from my brain and my own two hands and sent you all a link and announcement again. Same lack of response.
From that moment on, I vowed never to let you guys in on anything else I accomplish. It's too much of a let down to see the lack of support, while I respond positively to anything that happens with you guys and your children and families. You send an email saying "so and so just accomplished this", I acknowledge and respond.
For whatever reason, I didn't get that in return.
Anyway, my point is, if my continuing out here creating websites and maintaining blogs was dependent on the support of my friends and family, I would have quit long ago.
I learn to stay inspired by the other people that I touch and my own raw ambition. I now have 10 websites and 3 blogs, and you all don't know about any of them. But I learned that that's okay. I learned to forgive you guys for taking something that was so important to me so lightly. I find my support and encouragement elsewhere.

My advice to you is to keep at it!
Do it for yourself and because you want and need to. The rest will follow!

love and peace to ya, girl!

Yvette said...

You better not stop.You don"t hear much from about it b/c I don't have a computer at home but I love it. Keep up the great work I love you.

Strongblkwmn said...

Thanks for the advice. I honestly don't know what I expected. It's still a fun thing to do, even if it's only for me. It's all so new. I'm finishing my book and I just felt the need to do something else.

I do apologize for not visiting your sites. I honestly do not remember getting an email from you about them, but that's not an excuse. Thanks for visiting my blog even though you didn't feel supported.

Ratique aka Silent Assassin said...

doing a blog was a great idea because this way people can read the things you write and know how wonderful they are. Well you are started up on your blog and it is going great! This is a good way to advertise your book, so keep it up Ma keep doing your thing.

Manchild said...

Hello Tammy,

Congratulations! As a sign of respect, I tip my hat to you for entering and winning the writing contest.

"No" is the answer to your question. Don't ever give up. It took me 10 years to finish writing the vision God gifted to me.

Matters not what happens next. Keep getting up and showing up. Just make sure that you protect your invaluable "intellectual property."


Strongblkwmn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Manchild. Most of my comments are from family and friends. I really appreciate them, but it's always nice when someone you do not know takes the time to read your thoughts.

I have visited your site and it is wonderful! I will definitely be a frequent visitor.

Lateef said...

Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Reading what this particular topic was about it honestly felt as if u were looking at this writing thing thru my eyes. Its crazy I know exactly how you feel. I know how it feels to hold on to some hotness because your guarding your work. I know what it feels like to just wanna get a pen, paper, and a drink or whatever your vice is and just write til you come out of that zone!! I know you know what i mean. When the thoughts, ideas, lines, paragraphs keep coming to you. You thinking to yourself this is to easy!!!!!!!! Then you realize that you posess a gift that few can really comprehend. Soooooo from me to you dont ever put down your pen. Wait a minute this is 2008 so dont ever unplug your keyboard. :-)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

THIS ENTIRE POST IS ME, DIDN'T GET MANY COMMENTS AND WANTED TO GIVE UP. I couldn't stop writing. Writing is who I am, not about anybody else. Readers are welcomed but not necessary. This entire post is me. Never really shared myself or my words outside of my diary and took a huge risk in writing a blog and I'm so glad I kept going because we've never met but you have a friend in me and I will most definitely have a supporter (aside from your husband) when you're book(s) are published. CONGRATS! peace and blessings.